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Older son was in his dragon wings.  He got his face painted.  It was a very, very fun day. Advertisements

                One is named Massage.  She is the girl.  This one is named Urdy.  And this one is Black Eye. Why Black Eye? Because he has a black back. Oh, well then maybe you should call him Black Back? Oh no, no, I couldn’t change his name. Oh.  […]

  Hint:  this blog is about things kids do, so I’m not talking about my sunglasses or freakishly toothy grin.  I’ll give a star for good behavior to the first commenter who guesses what the pattern I’m referring to is.  Did you know that if you get ten stars, you can get a small toy? […]

  So.  Younger brother.  He is starting to express himself.  Mostly in babble, though one can detect a pattern that sounds roughly like “dog” when the dog appears, and like his older brother’s name when older brother appears.  And sometimes “mama.”  Also “nonono” when he’s doing something and I’m saying no.  Not that he stops […]

Me:  I can’t wait to have our alone time tomorrow night!  What should we do?  Visit American Science and Surplus again? Son:  Mom, it’s not alone time. Me:  Yes!  I mean, when you and I get to hang out alone, without your brother or anybody else. Son:  Mom, if you are together with somebody else, […]

At the old blog site, I recently announced two winners of my please-comment-contest.  I forgot that there is a third!  Rebecca, with the always hilarious and charming stories about her daughter.  She already has a Beelzebubbles onesie, so she will have to choose something else….  Sushi for lunch is definitely an option. Also, if you […]



We grew a butterfly!