Younger son, he has a lot of feelings to get out.

Imagine a shriek accompanying this...

Imagine a shriek accompanying this...


So.  Younger brother.  He is starting to express himself.  Mostly in babble, though one can detect a pattern that sounds roughly like “dog” when the dog appears, and like his older brother’s name when older brother appears.  And sometimes “mama.”  Also “nonono” when he’s doing something and I’m saying no.  Not that he stops doing it.

His personality is charming.  He is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met.  If we go for a walk with him strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn, passersby smile a lot, and sometimes I think they’re just really friendly and smiling at me until I realize he must be being his cheerful smiley self.

But, he is also one of the unhappiest babies I’ve ever met.  Mostly when he’s mad because he didn’t get what he wants.  He has the most horrible high-pitched shrieking cry.  Older son and I cover our ears and cower when it comes out.  My theory is that he learned to scream this way because he had a broken collarbone when he was born, but the doctor didn’t notice it during the exam.  So he was in a lot of pain for those first days.  The shriek did begin then.

So, anyway, that’s all there is to that story!  Introduction to younger brother’s expressions.


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