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This morning we had some nice cuddle time, listening to Raffi’s Let’s Play.  My favorite song is this one:  It reminds me of when older son was a baby, we danced to it a lot.  We were listening to that and all cuddled up in a pile, toddler, older son, and I, this morning.  […]

It has colors like this and is like this and it is a real live pretend caterpillar.  It likes to eat butterflies and when it wants one it curls up into a cocoon.  No not really a cocoon, a spiral.  And then when the butterfly lands it springs up like this to catch it.  Now, […]

I am going to start referring to youngest son as the toddler because he walks now.  He also has started to use a few words: ma = more mama = mama cheeez = cheese ba = bottle guh = older brother daw = dog eyessss= eye, nose, mouth, or other part of the face grunt […]

At the zoo today.  It is true that the baby really likes grapes.  I wasn’t sure where to start in explaining to the older son why grapes aren’t animals, so I just took this one as a joke.  Older son’s favorite animal is in transition.  Since he first became aware of animals at the zoo, […]

From a comment on the “about” page.  (You didn’t even know there was an “about” page, did you?!) “I have gotten to know your son this summer through day camp…I have worked with young children for about four years now, but no child I have met says more to the point and hilarious comments as […]

 [i can’t successfully upload pics on wordpress today, so imagine that right here there is a picture of a little tiny creepy-crawly centipede-type-thing in my older son’s hand, and that he is sitting in my car] As it turns out, rather than completing his bug collection we are conducting an (unintentional) experiment into whether this […]

An observation by older son about younger son, at the zoo this morning.  I wish my camera were working, because this post would be much funnier with the accompanying illustration.  Slobbery half-chewed Cheez-its are really gross, even on a cute smiling baby face.