This whole “pretending to be an animal” thing is getting out of hand.


Older son loves to pretend to be an animal.  I know, you’re thinking to yourself, well that’s cute!  But you don’t understand.  I mean, ALL OF THE TIME.  For instance, if we are at the zoo, after each and every animal (and there are a LOT OF ANIMALS there), he asks if he can pretend to be that animal.  I don’t know why he asks permission, as I always respond, “Of course, you can pretend to be anything you want to, in your imagination.”

So, the other day, we were at a waterpark.  It was a beautiful day, and we had a blast.  Baby loves the waterpark too, it turns out!  This is a relatively small waterpark, privately owned, by the place where my kids go to day care.  So it was just ideal, not too busy, the slides were not too scary or big. 

Soon after we got in the water, older son announced that he was pretending to be a sea turtle.  He is a pretty good actor, and if you saw him dragging himself around in the shallow water at the edge of the pool, you might even have guessed he was a sea turtle.  That, or that he lacked use of his legs.  But anyway, the point is that I kept suggesting that he leave me with the baby and go play on the slide with other kids, have some fun.  None of the other kids wanted to play sea turtle with him, even when he asked them nicely. 

Me:  “Why don’t you go try the slide?  You like it, it will be fun!”

Son:  “Sea turtles don’t use waterslides.”

I guess I should just let him enjoy himself in whatever way he likes.  We did have a great day.


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