Who invented people?


Almost verbatim car conversation, from yesterday:

Son:  “Mom, did you know that before people were invented, robots lived all over the earth.”

Me:  (Pause)  “Really?”

Son:  “Yeah, robots.”

Me:  (Pause)  “Well, who invented people, anyway?”

Son:  (Pause)  “Oh, the robots invented them.”

Me:  “What about the robots, who invented them?”

Son:  “God.  Actually God and the robots invented the people together.”

Me:  “Oh, really?  I always thought God invented people.”

Son:  “Yeah, with the robots.”

Me:  “Oh.”

Son:  “The first robots that lived were really smart.”

I think that this story resulted from two other narratives combining in a bizarre way.  First, we were doing a lot of driving, and older son was watching the Ice Age movie over and over, including a preview for the movie “Robots.”  Second, we went to a museum that had stuff from one and two hundred years ago, pioneer days, and we spent some time talking about how things were here way back then.


One Response to “Who invented people?”

  1. 1 rebecca

    Cute!! Maybe your oldest is a budding sci fi writer.

    Here’s my almost 5 yr old’s competing theory. (posited after a day at the museum)

    Daughter: God is a glacier.

    Me: Why do you think that?

    Daughter: Because glaciers came before dinosaurs. God was a glacier, and God made dinosaurs.

    Me: So who made people?

    Daughter: Dinosaurs.

    Me: Why would they do that?

    Daughter: Dinosaurs are nicer than everything thinks. We weren’t around then. We just guess they were mean, but they made little people to be their pets, but then the dinosaurs accidentally became distinct (read: extinct), so then people had to learn how to be smart. When you go to heaven, there’s a big glacier, who is God. And polar bears.

    Me: And penguins.

    Daughter: No, mom, it’s heaven. Not the zoo.

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