Did you ever hear of a bald beast caterpillar?


It has colors like this and is like this and it is a real live pretend caterpillar.  It likes to eat butterflies and when it wants one it curls up into a cocoon.  No not really a cocoon, a spiral.  And then when the butterfly lands it springs up like this to catch it.  Now, as the bald beast caterpillar squeezes its prey, it squeezes it hard, like this.  It sometimes eats mice too, and even sometimes dinosaurs. 

Do you want to watch a movie about that?  Just sit back and relax, it is starting…

(I wish you could watch the movie with me, it’s actually more of a live-action play and very well done.  )


One Response to “Did you ever hear of a bald beast caterpillar?”

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