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Mom:  I don’t know.  What? Son:  Gold. Mom:  Oh, of course. Son:  And do you know what is the gold rule?  It’s the most important rule on the earth. Mom:  Sure.  I think I know it. Son:  It is to respect.  Respect everyone. Mom:  Yes!  Where did you learn that? Son:  My teachers at school. […]

Son:  Mom, in my whole life, I will never defy you. Mom: (thinking about events that have already occured)  Oh? Son:  Yes. Mom:  But… Son:  (Interrupting)  Well, except when I grow up, we will have to defide. Mom:  Then you will defy me? Son:  Yes, we will have to defide. Mom:  (pause)  What does defy […]

Caterpillar pee


As the owner of this blog, I can see a list of the ways that people reach the blog.   Yesterday, someone got here by searching the term “caterpillar pee.”  That cracks me up.  The person was probably looking for the bald beast caterpillar post, which shows good taste, I love that post.   Happy […]

The toddler still doesn’t sleep well.  We have tried just about everything we can think of to get him to sleep.  Since he was born, he has only slept through the night on a handful of nights.  Most nights have been like tonight, when he went to sleep around 7 p.m., slept till 9:00, and […]

Really? Yes.  They do not look like cows.  They look like elephants. Oh? Yes.  Actually they are forest elephants.  They are a type of forest elephant. Are they Asian or African elephants? They are forest elephants. Well, are their ears big or small? Their ears are big like African elephants.  But actually they are night […]

Do you know why?  Because I can splash in puddles!! Yeah, me too.  🙂

Today older son and I went on one of our favorite hikes, in a really nice park with a really nice botanical garden.  For the middle of a day on a dreary Friday, the park was rather bustling.  As we came around one corner, we saw another family with a little girl, probably three years […]