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Mom:  Tell me again about how the bottlenose roadrunner crocodile does sleepflying. Older son:  Oh.  Let me tell you something. Did you know how you can tell the roadrunner croc is sleeping? Mom:  No, I didn’t.  Is that when it does the sleepflying, when it’s asleep? Older son:  Well, how you can tell it is […]

Pirate music


Wow!  I was going to post this morning to say that older son still loves to listen to Modest Mouse’s song Dashboard for ten or fifteen minutes every morning, running around wildly, acting like a pirate in some kind of battle.  He calls it the pirate song. Turns out, he’s been doing that for almost a year now! […]

I am trying to tidy my house this morning.  I was aware that the toddler was trying to feed the dog–I had seen him take the empty dry-dog-food scoop and pretend to be pouring food in the bowl.   I just realized that he has progressed to squirreling a handful of dry dog food out […]

During cuddle time this morning, we were playing Eskimos-in-the-arctic.  This means tunneling under the blankets and pretending it’s an igloo.  Older son hunts our food–polar bears, caribou, the occasional seal.  The toddler is the baby.  I am the mommy.   Today when older son was hunting caribou, he brought back to the “igloo” one dead […]

Baidin Fheilimi, not even in English.

Probably my favorite poem is part 6 of Song of Myself by Walt Whitman.   You could read it here.  It is about death, but it is really beautiful rather than sad.  It ends like this: What do you think has become of the young and old men? And what do you think has become […]