Quack quack


The toddler is really, really trying to talk.  He says quite a few little words now, including these:







ba (for bottle)

Actually, these mostly sound like grunts rather than the correct pronunciation, but once you get used to his “accent,” you can make out these words among the constant stream of grunts.  He holds a little conversation with himself most of the time, unintelligible, but with rising and falling tone that makes you wish you could understand it.  

Older brother says he speaks baby.  At this instant, for example, the toddler is screaming and writhing in my arms because I won’t let him drink maple syrup straight from the bottle.  Older brother has translated his grunts as “you are stupid! I don’t like you!”  Probably a pretty good translation.

The cutest word the toddler has said so far came out of his mouth yesterday.  He was looking at a book that has a picture of a duckling on it, and I said, “it’s a duck, quack quack!”  He giggled at that and then later I heard him saying, “quack quack.”  Well, you might not have known that’s what that particular grunt meant, but trust me, it was definitely quack quack.


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