I am part roadrunner crocodile.


That is why I am nocturnal.

Roadrunner crocodiles’ name means they are king of reptiles and amphibians.  They are on top of the food chain.

They eat komodo dragons with yellow tongues and also blue tongue skinks.  But they do not eat human beings.  They are not on top of the human food chain, but they are on top of the animal food chain and the water food chain.

They like to fight so much that they live in packs.  They like to dig in the sand.  They are the fastest diggers in the world.  But they only come out at night.

Their most favorite food is camels.  So they live in deserts.  Their favorite is a whole camel herd, because they live in herds.  

They are faster than dall sheep.

This is a story of a roadrunner crocodile that was so strong:  it killed a wildebeest!  It bited its neck and put its hands like this and its feet claws on it like this and then it would never let go.  And the wildebeest died and roadrunner crocodiles don’t even have to chew.  They swallow it whole.  And he swallowed the wildebeest whole.

[Edit after reading back to older son:  Write this down about the camels:  they sleep all day, and in the winter when the ice goes on top of the grass, roadrunner crocodiles have to kill as much camels as they can, and they bring them down in their hole, and when they have enough food, they get some grass and put it in their hole and they stay in there and sleep all winter.  But they come out at night still in the winter.  They have some fur on their backs and on their bellies.  They are half of each of reptile and mammal.  They are warm blooded reptiles.  (He may be thinking about the controversy about whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded.)]


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