Pirate music


Wow!  I was going to post this morning to say that older son still loves to listen to Modest Mouse’s song Dashboard for ten or fifteen minutes every morning, running around wildly, acting like a pirate in some kind of battle.  He calls it the pirate song.

Turns out, he’s been doing that for almost a year now!  How time flies.  Toddler likes it too now.  I am missing the toddler this morning and looking forward to the weekend.


One Response to “Pirate music”

  1. Isn’t that weird?
    The 3-year old claims “The Late Greats” by Wilco is The Superman Song. (Nothing to do with the REM song.) He says it’s the “talking” (which I think means the singing).
    Also this morning an Edith Piaf song (“Milord”) came on the iPod and he insisted it was Wonder Woman. Which is kind of a funny image.

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