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Oh? Yes. It’s funny that their name is crocodile then. (pause) It’s the roadrunner part. Well, a roadrunner is a bird, and a crocodile is a reptile, so which part exactly is the mammal part? Their fur.  (meaningful stare) They have fur? Yes.  To keep them warm. Oh, I remember, they are warm-blooded, too. Yes. […]

“No hits!”


The toddler hits.  Open-handed slapping.  Out of anger.  Also throws things at you intentionally when angered.  Is angered a lot, since I am constantly unreasonably denying him the opportunity to do things like…play with knives, jump down from high places, eat glass, drink bleach, etc.   Sigh. He also is the sweetest little thing.  Says […]

Son:  Mom, right now I am a roadrunner crocodile. Mom:  Oh, a bottlenose roadrunner crocodile? Son:  Yes.  (Opens mouth, makes strange huffing noise while scrunching nose.)  Let me tell you something. Mom:  Okay? Son:  Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles have poison? Mom:  No, I did not. Son:  Yes, they are venomous. Mom:  Oh.  Is […]

Mom:  You know, I keep trying to chase that squirrel like you said, but it is really fast! Son:  I know! Mom:  You can never catch him, he’s right up the tree. Son:  Yep.  That is the lesson I wanted you to learn! Mom:  That you can’t catch the squirrel? Son:  Mmm-hmm.  Squirrels are really […]

My royalty.


I am going to just let you guess what that was in reference to.    Mom:  Who says that? Son:  Dunn Rhyss. Sigh.

In addition to his happy shriek, the toddler has developed a whisper voice.  Again, he seems to talk this way mainly to amuse me and his older brother.  Older brother thinks it is hilarious.  Toddler seems to be saying “da da da da da,” but in a baby whisper, and with a twinkle in his […]

(Said while standing on the couch, perched at the edge, pajamas unzipped and covering only the arms, so that the body and legs flap behind like a cape.) Mom:  Yes, you told me that.  (Mom pauses, decides she can’t resist encouraging this.) And you are part roadrunner crocodile, aren’t you? Son:  Yes! (leaps the foot […]