The Shriek


As mentioned this summer, the toddler has a heckuva shriek. The newest development is that he is very aware of how his high-pitched shriek gets everyone’s attention and, in fact, is impossible to ignore, since it makes you cower, cover your ears, and look around nervously at glass to see if it is breaking.  And, he thinks it’s hilarious.

So for example at the grocery store last night, after squirming dangerously and insisting on being in my arms, and then on walking on his own feet, he began running and shrieking.  People glared.  I tried to cover his mouth, but that made him laugh.  Older son and I tried not to giggle ourselves, but it was hilarious.  Other people worried, though.  Thankfully, the cashier and the bagger decided to help us out, probably just to hurry us out of the store.  They were very nice.

How do you stop a shrieker?  Anyone?


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