It’s not really fair that kids can’t vote.


Older son (as we walked to the polling place on this beautiful sunny day): I am frust-er-ated that I can’t vote.  It’s not really fair that kids can’t vote.  Only grownups get to vote, and if kids don’t get to vote, they don’t know what president’s going to be the president.  If I could vote, I would vote for Rock Obama.  Because I think he will do lots of good things for the country.  

Mom:  What about McCain?  McCain is a good man, I just don’t want him to be president.

Older son:  Yeah, McCain is a good man, but McCain wants things to stay the same in the country.

Happy Election Day!


2 Responses to “It’s not really fair that kids can’t vote.”

  1. 1 Rebecca Blemberg

    Too cute.

    My daughter had similar thoughts:

    Daughter (sounding down): We got to vote at school.

    Me: That sounds fun. Did you vote for Barack Obama or John McCain?

    Daughter (sounding down): Pretzel.

    Me: What?

    Daughter: Well, we got to go register and go in a ballot booth, but then we had to vote for the snack of the day. Cracker or Pretzel. Pretzel won. I thought we were going to vote for President.

    Me: Who would you have voted for?

    Daughter: I was going to write in me. I just learned how to make my Js go in the right direction.

  2. In my son’s class, they voted for Obama and McCain, he reported this morning. Obama won by a landslide, all but two of the twenty-some voters. 🙂

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