Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles have poison?


Son:  Mom, right now I am a roadrunner crocodile.

Mom:  Oh, a bottlenose roadrunner crocodile?

Son:  Yes.  (Opens mouth, makes strange huffing noise while scrunching nose.)  Let me tell you something.

Mom:  Okay?

Son:  Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles have poison?

Mom:  No, I did not.

Son:  Yes, they are venomous.

Mom:  Oh.  Is that why you did that with your nose?

Son:  Yes, watch out, that was me shooting out my venom.

Mom:  Oh.

Son:  Let me tell you something.  Do you know how roadrunner crocodiles produce their venom?

Mom:  No, I don’t.  

Son:  In the nose!  Actually in a special part of their nose.  It is called a…cubis.

Mom:  A cubis?

Son:  Yes.


3 Responses to “Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles have poison?”

  1. 1 Rebecca Blemberg

    I wonder if this is just how 5 yr old brains work.

    My daughter told a totally different story for my educational benefit, but explained it almost the same way.

    D: Did you know that winter fairies became extinct because of polar bears?
    Me: I did not.
    D: Polar bears did not like winter fairies because they were very irritating to their flesh, eyes, and noses. So the polar bears made them extinct.
    Me: How did they do that?
    D: Through a beseenol.
    Me: What’s that?
    D: Well, it’s hard to explain, but they made their food supply become disappeared.
    Me: Oh, that’s too bad.
    D: Not really. Winter fairies were kind of annoying.

    What is fascinating is the use of some vocabulary really well, the impulse to coin a new phrase and define it. And it’s all wrapped in a purely imaginary framework that makes complete sense to them.

  2. For me, this kind of thing is one of the best parts of being a parent. I am just…stupefied at the way they come up with this stuff. 🙂 “Beseenol” and “cubis.” Another interesting thing is that they are both words that follow the rules of what can be an English word. It’s just that they’re not actually words.

    I also like the last line a lot. It cracked me up. I imagine winter fairies were kind of annoying.

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