“No hits!”


The toddler hits.  Open-handed slapping.  Out of anger.  Also throws things at you intentionally when angered.  Is angered a lot, since I am constantly unreasonably denying him the opportunity to do things like…play with knives, jump down from high places, eat glass, drink bleach, etc.  


He also is the sweetest little thing.  Says “mommy” in an extremely cute way.  Tries to jump.  Dances and sings to himself randomly.  Nuzzles his head onto the dog and makes little cooing noises.


4 Responses to ““No hits!””

  1. oh god i hate to say it but my middle one was just like that…when he’s good he is unbelievably adorable, and when he’s bad…let’s just say i was reading a survey of “does your child have oppositional defiant disorder?” and instead of 3 of out ten (which qualified for “yes”), i got ten out of ten…
    also, i remember him (18 months?) toddling through the kitchen with a sippy cup, and he fell over (as toddlers do) and instead of crying or whatever, he got so mad he threw the cup.

  2. Ooooohhhhh (she says with sinking feeling). Later, when I am semi-caught-up at work and not on the constant verge of tears, I will google oppositional defiant disorder. 🙂

  3. PS He already does that with the sippy cups, whatever. Also lies down on the floor and kicks his legs and cries because he’s so angry.

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