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To my dismay, the toddler does not like Stevie Wonder.  I have tried a few times.  I’m going to keep trying.   But he really grooves on A Tribe Called Quest.  Today he really liked Lyrics to Go.  Which is a nice song.  And while listening to it quietly, I discovered that in addition to […]

Scary Ghandi


Another hilarious story from Rebecca:   The other night her daughter woke up screaming—terrified.  Rebecca ran into her room, and she said she had a bad dream.  “Ghandi is chasing me.”  Then she fell asleep.  Rebecca wasn’t sure she had heard her daughter right, but the next morning she again said that she had a bad dream […]



If you have a baby these days and you’re at all hip you probably know a little bit about baby signs.  My baby, like other babies I’ve known (including older son), mostly uses the “more” sign, which is made by putting the tips of your hands together, as this cutie demonstrates on youtube.  Actually, that’s […]

Son:  Come here! Mom:  Just a sec, I’m trying on these shirts I got at the reduce-reuse-recycle store. Son:  Okay.   Mom:  What do you think? (sporting long-sleeved black shirt with some sparkles) Son:  (groan) I hate it. Mom:  Well it would be good for going out dancing or something, don’t you think? Son:  Oh, […]

A story from my friend Alison about her adorable daughter. Daughter:    Hey younger brother… wait, mom, what day is it today? Alison:        Martin Luther King, Jr., day. Daughter:    Oh yeah.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day!  The leprechaun didn’t come. Alison:        Sweetie, that’s St. Patrick’s Day. Daughter:    Oh.  When is that? Alison:        […]

Actually, more like the shrieking, it’s a phenomenon and never just a single shriek. It is really, really loud and almost unbearable.  Your ears hurt.  Morning car rides are a common venue for the shrieking, I think because the toddler hates to be trapped in his car seat.  Older son and I try to explain […]

Son:  Mom!  When we move to a new place, let’s get one with a fireplace. Me:  Oh, yes, I love fireplaces, that would be so nice. Son:  I know! Me:  Like at Bapa’s house, we’d be so warm and cozy.  Just think. Son:  Yes.  And I can burn things.