If you have a baby these days and you’re at all hip you probably know a little bit about baby signs.  My baby, like other babies I’ve known (including older son), mostly uses the “more” sign, which is made by putting the tips of your hands together, as this cutie demonstrates on youtube.  Actually, that’s the only sign he uses, unless hitting counts as a sign for “no.” 

But the funny thing is that “more” doesn’t mean just “more,” it means, “I want that.” I guess it means “want” or something like that.  

Also, he’s modified the sign a little, he puts his finger tips into his open palm.  But we still know what he means.

My cutest “more” sign story, so far, is when older brother used that sign to ask for more tickles during a tickle attack when he was a toddler.  The new toddler hasn’t done that yet.


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