This is a Shinu Ahbis.


It is very small but extremely powerful.  Look at it.  I know it looks like a Playmobil squirrel, but it is not.  Actually it is a Shinu Ahbis, which is extremely powerful and can defeat anything.  Yes, I know that is unusual, but you know what I heard?  Did you hear about the wolverine?  It is small but extremely powerful.  It gets its power from its teeth and claws and muscles.

The Shinu Ahbis, it gets its power from…its bones.  And the power shoots out and then it goes very fast and…crash its teeth crash right into its prey.  See this, watch.  Did you see how it got that crocodile?  It moves very fast.

(We have not yet discussed who would win in a fight between a Shinu Ahbis and a Kai Wolf or Kai Velociraptor.  Let alone a roadrunner croc.)


One Response to “This is a Shinu Ahbis.”

  1. 1 Rebecca Blemberg

    I like how he anticipates and addresses the counter-argument (It looks like a Playmobile squirrel…)

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