Because he likes to say he’s sorry.


Something funny has happened.  The toddler is enaging in the Shriek more than ever.  But he’s realized that people hate it, that it is not nice for others’ ears.  So he says “sah-wee” (sorry) afterwards, sometimes.

Well, until the last few days.  Now he is saying sorry a LOT.  And sometimes he seems to shriek just so he can say sorry.  It’s a fun game, for him.  Older son and I were chuckling about it on our way to day care the other day.  We could chuckle only because, thankfully, when it’s the pretend-to-shriek-so-i-can-pretend-to-say-sorry, it’s marginally less piercing.

So yesterday morning, the boys were in the living room while I was in my bedroom, and I heard a shriek.  I assumed that older son was not sharing or something like that, and we had the following exchange:

“Why is your brother screaming?!”

“Because he likes to say he’s sorry.” 

I felt silly that I had shouted, myself.


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