Why oh why is poop so funny when you are five?


So.  The boys are about to go meet their grandmother and auntie, who are visiting from far away and who they don’t get to see very often.  I thought it would be nice to make cards for them, so we did that little art project this morning.

Unfortunately, older son is absolutely obsessed with the words “butt” and “poop” these days.  I will post later about his “once upon a time, in a world of butts” story, which I’ve been hesitating to post about.  

So, guess what he wanted me to write on his cards?  Yeah.  I refused.  So guess how he decorated them?  Yeah.  And then he threw a fit until I showed him how to write the word “poop.” Which he tried to write on the cards, too.  

Nice.  I hope grandma and auntie have an appreciation for five year old humor.


2 Responses to “Why oh why is poop so funny when you are five?”

  1. 1 nic

    yah…we have lots of experience with this. I think it runs in the family.

  2. 2 melanie

    Oh dear, that’s really funny. I suppose it’s not so funny when it’s your child, but I think it’s hilarious.


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