Tender sweet young things


freetobeyouandmeSorry for the long silence here.  We’ve been busy.  Glad to be back.

We don’t have cable anymore, so a lot of our tv watching is on the computer.  Hulu, youtube, netflix streaming, whatever.  Lately we have enjoyed Free to Be You and Me videos on youtube.  My parents were hippies, and I loved these stories.  We never saw the movie when I was a kid, we just had the record.  

So anyway, if you don’t know about Free to Be You and Me, you should go watch this clip, Ladies First, before reading the rest of the story.  Ladies First is the clip about the “tender sweet young thing” in her pressed white clothes and her shiny shoes and her lovely curly locks.  She is a lady and insists on being treated like a lady.

The other day older son and I were talking about how girls who are so worried about how they look, like the tender sweet young thing, annoy us. We decided that one of the main problems is that if you have to stay so clean and  perfect, you can’t have as much fun.  Most things that are fun involve getting dirty.  One of the best things about Izzy (you remember, the girl older son hopes to marry, possibly in some sort of polyandrous relationship) is that she loves to play in the dirt and run around pretending to be an animal.  The last time I saw her she was being a maiasaur.

So, the story.  Yesterday, not having had time to watch my hair, I used hot rollers.  I left them in a little extra long.  I asked older son what he thought, as we were about to leave; did it look too curly?  At first he said “no-oh!” in his sweet reassuring way, “you look byoo-ti-ful!” 

But then there was a little pause, and a troubled look.  “Well, mom, I am sorry to tell you this.  Can you handle it?” 

Me:  Yes, I think so?

Son:  Well, the truth is, you look like the tender sweet young thing.

Me: Oh, no! (looking in mirror) You’re right! I will try to straighten it out.

But even at the end of the day, I still looked a little like the tender sweet young thing.  Next time I won’t leave the rollers in so long.


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