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Mom, lets play a hundred. Hmm.  I don’t know how to play that. Oh, it’s eeeea-sy!  First I say a number and then you say a number, and then the one who says the biggest is the winner. Okay. Now, the youngest goes first, so I go first. Okay. Okay.  Thirty-nine hundred jillion google thousand […]

One of the truly charming things that the toddler does is to shout out when he is really enthusiastic about something.  Like, “I heard it!  Bird, mommy, I heard it bird!” Or, “ant! I see it ant, mommy!”  (He is fascinated by ants.  Maybe because they’re down at his level, easy to see by just […]

First, peeing in the car happened again today.  I won’t go into details. On to the Supreme Being.  That is what older son and I have taken to calling the toddler.  He is so cute and hilarious and sweet…and demanding and unreasonable and tyrannical.  Reasons he has had tantrums: 1.  Because his brother got to […]