The Supreme Being


First, peeing in the car happened again today.  I won’t go into details.

On to the Supreme Being.  That is what older son and I have taken to calling the toddler.  He is so cute and hilarious and sweet…and demanding and unreasonable and tyrannical.  Reasons he has had tantrums:

1.  Because his brother got to eat a piece of candy too.  It’s not that he had to share his own, or that there wasn’t enough to go around: he just didn’t want his brother to have any.

2.  Because I ran out of honey for his bottle.

3.  Because he wanted the green bottle, not the yellow one.

4.  Because he actually wanted the yellow bottle, not the green one.

5.  Because he couldn’t ride both of his little trike-type-things at once.  Meaning, I was trying to help him do so, but he just physically could not.

I dunno, maybe it’s all just normal toddler stuff.  But the shriek continues, too.  Lower in frequency, thanks be to God.


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