“I see it!” And the reappearance of the roadrunner crocodile.


One of the truly charming things that the toddler does is to shout out when he is really enthusiastic about something.  Like, “I heard it!  Bird, mommy, I heard it bird!” Or, “ant! I see it ant, mommy!”  (He is fascinated by ants.  Maybe because they’re down at his level, easy to see by just crouching down on the sidewalk?  They are very industrious and active, I guess.)

So anyway, sometimes the enthusiasm extends so that he is shouting out about things that he does not _actually_ see or hear.  “Moon, mommy!  Moon up!” when the moon is not visible at all.

The other day when we were driving to Grampa’s house, after waking from his nap, the toddler was very impatient to be to Grampa’s.  Frankly, we all were, it’s kind of a boring drive, especially the umpteenth time you drive it.  Though it was very beautifully green.

So, when we were still about 40 minutes from the house, toddler starts exclaiming, “I see it!  I see it, Grampa’s house, mommy!”  Pointing out the window and smiling, kicking his legs.  So cute.

Older son and I laughed and smiled and got into the excitement, “oh, really!  Where?  Show us.”

Then, after the episode had passed and we were all quiet again, older son said, in a very serious tone, “you know that I can really see the house, mom.”

“Sure,” I answered.  “You’re part roadrunner crocodile.”

“Yes,” he nodded, not skipping a beat.  “And you know that they can see very far.  They can see for 39 thousand hundred miles.”

“I know.”

And then we both just smiled, and I kept driving.


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