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I am so excited for this new blog.  As I just posted about over there, I am going to move all my kid-related blogging over here, though I guess for now I’ll cross-post it there too. What’s on my mind this morning is that yesterday I realized that I am an official honest-to-goodness soccer mom.  I […]

Hi, loyal readership!  I am happy to report that a friend of mine (another mom) has started a new blog basically like this one, and invited me to join it.  I think that I will keep this one going, for those (okay, grandmas and grandpas and aunties mostly) who like to just read about my […]

I can’t really explain why I haven’t been posting here lately.  It was a busy summer, we had a lot of fun and happy times, I have been talking to my actual friends in real life about the cute things my kids do, rather than just posting here. But I like this blog, dangit!  And […]