Hi!  I am a single mom and a Quaker living the good life in a medium-sized Midwestern metropolis with my two sons.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I welcome any and all funny kid stories!

The story behind the blog title is revealed in one of the first posts at the old blog site, mypeeisashootingstar.blogspot.com.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 bapa

    I like the new site

    keep going

    I am working on the

    ‘pass it on principle” how and why recovery works

    or something like that

  2. 2 Stephanie

    I have gotten to know your son this summer through day camp…I have worked with young children for about four years now, but no child I have met says more to the point and hilarious comments as yours! My favorite: Another child is playing rough with a toy near your son and basically really getting on his nerves…so he says…”No, you know I’m not liking this and I am not going to deal with this kind of behavior.” He said it very calmly as he was playing with a toy and simply moved away from the other child. It was great!

  3. Thanks for your link out to the Baby Signs home page! We appreciate your support.

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