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And yes, of course, those are kai vultures. Advertisements

Older son:  Remember that part in Mighty-gascar 2, when that old lady says, “I’m too old to die!”   Mom:  Yes. Older son:  (laughing) That’s a really funny part. Mom:  Yes, it is. Older son:  But you know what? Mom:  What? Older son:  She is just the right old to die!

Mom:  You know, I keep trying to chase that squirrel like you said, but it is really fast! Son:  I know! Mom:  You can never catch him, he’s right up the tree. Son:  Yep.  That is the lesson I wanted you to learn! Mom:  That you can’t catch the squirrel? Son:  Mmm-hmm.  Squirrels are really […]

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