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One of the truly charming things that the toddler does is to shout out when he is really enthusiastic about something.  Like, “I heard it!  Bird, mommy, I heard it bird!” Or, “ant! I see it ant, mommy!”  (He is fascinated by ants.  Maybe because they’re down at his level, easy to see by just […]

The large pink iguana.  The biting panda. [Note:  I am glad that it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to get into the bear cages at our zoo.] And the rare venomous mammal, the Hispaniolan solenodon.   I see kai solenodons in our future.

Mom:  You need to take a bath. Son:  Oh, mom! Mom:  Really.  It’s been three days.  And we’re getting you a haircut today. Son:  But mom!  Let me tell you something. Mom:  Hmm. Son:  Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles can go without water for ten days? Mom:  Hmm. Son:  Yeah.  Did you know that […]

So, it turns out that at least some kai animals (for instance, kai wildebeest) did not live at the time of the dinos.  I am no longer sure what “kai” means.  Something like “cool,” probably. Speaking of “cool,” older son has announced that he never wants to hear the word “pretty” again.  “If you want to say […]

And yes, of course, those are kai vultures.

They are very fierce. They are faster than a bull or a bullet. They are faster than lizards or deer when they are running for prey. They are stronger than a wolverine. Nothing can kill them, because they are poisonous. Their poison is in their cubis, like roadrunner crocodiles. They store it in their nose. […]

Oh? Yes. It’s funny that their name is crocodile then. (pause) It’s the roadrunner part. Well, a roadrunner is a bird, and a crocodile is a reptile, so which part exactly is the mammal part? Their fur.  (meaningful stare) They have fur? Yes.  To keep them warm. Oh, I remember, they are warm-blooded, too. Yes. […]