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I am going to start referring to youngest son as the toddler because he walks now.  He also has started to use a few words: ma = more mama = mama cheeez = cheese ba = bottle guh = older brother daw = dog eyessss= eye, nose, mouth, or other part of the face grunt […]

At the zoo today.  It is true that the baby really likes grapes.  I wasn’t sure where to start in explaining to the older son why grapes aren’t animals, so I just took this one as a joke.  Older son’s favorite animal is in transition.  Since he first became aware of animals at the zoo, […]

Older son loves to pretend to be an animal.  I know, you’re thinking to yourself, well that’s cute!  But you don’t understand.  I mean, ALL OF THE TIME.  For instance, if we are at the zoo, after each and every animal (and there are a LOT OF ANIMALS there), he asks if he can pretend to […]