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First, peeing in the car happened again today.  I won’t go into details. On to the Supreme Being.  That is what older son and I have taken to calling the toddler.  He is so cute and hilarious and sweet…and demanding and unreasonable and tyrannical.  Reasons he has had tantrums: 1.  Because his brother got to […]

Older son announced this with great enthusiasm.  A few minutes later, I noticed he was wiping the corn with his napkin.  When I asked if he wanted a fresh piece of corn, he said, yes, please.   So, don’t believe the rumors:  corn dipped in ketchup does _not_ taste great.  According to him.

An observation by older son about younger son, at the zoo this morning.  I wish my camera were working, because this post would be much funnier with the accompanying illustration.  Slobbery half-chewed Cheez-its are really gross, even on a cute smiling baby face.