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I can’t really explain why I haven’t been posting here lately.  It was a busy summer, we had a lot of fun and happy times, I have been talking to my actual friends in real life about the cute things my kids do, rather than just posting here. But I like this blog, dangit!  And […]

An observation by older son about younger son, at the zoo this morning.  I wish my camera were working, because this post would be much funnier with the accompanying illustration.  Slobbery half-chewed Cheez-its are really gross, even on a cute smiling baby face.

  So.  Younger brother.  He is starting to express himself.  Mostly in babble, though one can detect a pattern that sounds roughly like “dog” when the dog appears, and like his older brother’s name when older brother appears.  And sometimes “mama.”  Also “nonono” when he’s doing something and I’m saying no.  Not that he stops […]