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To my dismay, the toddler does not like Stevie Wonder.  I have tried a few times.  I’m going to keep trying.   But he really grooves on A Tribe Called Quest.  Today he really liked Lyrics to Go.  Which is a nice song.  And while listening to it quietly, I discovered that in addition to […]



If you have a baby these days and you’re at all hip you probably know a little bit about baby signs.  My baby, like other babies I’ve known (including older son), mostly uses the “more” sign, which is made by putting the tips of your hands together, as this cutie demonstrates on youtube.  Actually, that’s […]

So, it turns out that at least some kai animals (for instance, kai wildebeest) did not live at the time of the dinos.  I am no longer sure what “kai” means.  Something like “cool,” probably. Speaking of “cool,” older son has announced that he never wants to hear the word “pretty” again.  “If you want to say […]

During cuddle time this morning, we were playing Eskimos-in-the-arctic.  This means tunneling under the blankets and pretending it’s an igloo.  Older son hunts our food–polar bears, caribou, the occasional seal.  The toddler is the baby.  I am the mommy.   Today when older son was hunting caribou, he brought back to the “igloo” one dead […]

That is why I am nocturnal. Roadrunner crocodiles’ name means they are king of reptiles and amphibians.  They are on top of the food chain. They eat komodo dragons with yellow tongues and also blue tongue skinks.  But they do not eat human beings.  They are not on top of the human food chain, but […]

Quack quack


The toddler is really, really trying to talk.  He says quite a few little words now, including these: uhoh more up mama dada dog ba (for bottle) Actually, these mostly sound like grunts rather than the correct pronunciation, but once you get used to his “accent,” you can make out these words among the constant […]

Son:  Mom, in my whole life, I will never defy you. Mom: (thinking about events that have already occured)  Oh? Son:  Yes. Mom:  But… Son:  (Interrupting)  Well, except when I grow up, we will have to defide. Mom:  Then you will defy me? Son:  Yes, we will have to defide. Mom:  (pause)  What does defy […]