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Older son:  Once upon a time, in a world of butts, there was a boy who was made out of butts.  And everything in that world was made out of butts.  The houses were made out of butts.  The sun was made out of butts.  The snow was made out of butts.  (pause here for […]

So.  The boys are about to go meet their grandmother and auntie, who are visiting from far away and who they don’t get to see very often.  I thought it would be nice to make cards for them, so we did that little art project this morning. Unfortunately, older son is absolutely obsessed with the […]

Something funny has happened.  The toddler is enaging in the Shriek more than ever.  But he’s realized that people hate it, that it is not nice for others’ ears.  So he says “sah-wee” (sorry) afterwards, sometimes. Well, until the last few days.  Now he is saying sorry a LOT.  And sometimes he seems to shriek […]

Son:  Mom!  When we move to a new place, let’s get one with a fireplace. Me:  Oh, yes, I love fireplaces, that would be so nice. Son:  I know! Me:  Like at Bapa’s house, we’d be so warm and cozy.  Just think. Son:  Yes.  And I can burn things.

My royalty.


I am going to just let you guess what that was in reference to.    Mom:  Who says that? Son:  Dunn Rhyss. Sigh.

The Shriek


As mentioned this summer, the toddler has a heckuva shriek. The newest development is that he is very aware of how his high-pitched shriek gets everyone’s attention and, in fact, is impossible to ignore, since it makes you cower, cover your ears, and look around nervously at glass to see if it is breaking.  And, […]

Pirate music


Wow!  I was going to post this morning to say that older son still loves to listen to Modest Mouse’s song Dashboard for ten or fifteen minutes every morning, running around wildly, acting like a pirate in some kind of battle.  He calls it the pirate song. Turns out, he’s been doing that for almost a year now! […]