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To my dismay, the toddler does not like Stevie Wonder.  I have tried a few times.  I’m going to keep trying.   But he really grooves on A Tribe Called Quest.  Today he really liked Lyrics to Go.  Which is a nice song.  And while listening to it quietly, I discovered that in addition to […]



The toddler loves music and dancing, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Today I was holding him in my arms and we were dancing to a little hip-hop (Tribe Called Quest, Stir It Up), and he caught his own image in the mirror. He smiled really big, and continued his snaps and waving his arms, […]

Pirate music


Wow!  I was going to post this morning to say that older son still loves to listen to Modest Mouse’s song Dashboard for ten or fifteen minutes every morning, running around wildly, acting like a pirate in some kind of battle.  He calls it the pirate song. Turns out, he’s been doing that for almost a year now! […]

Baidin Fheilimi, not even in English.