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I can’t really explain why I haven’t been posting here lately.  It was a busy summer, we had a lot of fun and happy times, I have been talking to my actual friends in real life about the cute things my kids do, rather than just posting here. But I like this blog, dangit!  And […]

Mom, lets play a hundred. Hmm.  I don’t know how to play that. Oh, it’s eeeea-sy!  First I say a number and then you say a number, and then the one who says the biggest is the winner. Okay. Now, the youngest goes first, so I go first. Okay. Okay.  Thirty-nine hundred jillion google thousand […]

One of the truly charming things that the toddler does is to shout out when he is really enthusiastic about something.  Like, “I heard it!  Bird, mommy, I heard it bird!” Or, “ant! I see it ant, mommy!”  (He is fascinated by ants.  Maybe because they’re down at his level, easy to see by just […]

Older son:  Once upon a time, in a world of butts, there was a boy who was made out of butts.  And everything in that world was made out of butts.  The houses were made out of butts.  The sun was made out of butts.  The snow was made out of butts.  (pause here for […]

So.  The boys are about to go meet their grandmother and auntie, who are visiting from far away and who they don’t get to see very often.  I thought it would be nice to make cards for them, so we did that little art project this morning. Unfortunately, older son is absolutely obsessed with the […]

Something funny has happened.  The toddler is enaging in the Shriek more than ever.  But he’s realized that people hate it, that it is not nice for others’ ears.  So he says “sah-wee” (sorry) afterwards, sometimes. Well, until the last few days.  Now he is saying sorry a LOT.  And sometimes he seems to shriek […]

Mom, do I look like a teenager in this shirt? Um.  Yes, you do.  How did you know? Oh, it’s a big flappy shirt like teenagers wear.   (Actually, it’s a hooded sweatshirt, unzipped, with no t-shirt underneath, so I hope he doesn’t look like that when he’s a teenager.)