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Scary Ghandi


Another hilarious story from Rebecca:   The other night her daughter woke up screaming—terrified.  Rebecca ran into her room, and she said she had a bad dream.  “Ghandi is chasing me.”  Then she fell asleep.  Rebecca wasn’t sure she had heard her daughter right, but the next morning she again said that she had a bad dream […]

Adding to my children’s complicated religious life is the fact that they have attended day care at a local Jewish center.  My older son, who is now five, has attended there since he was an infant.  He used to want to be Jewish, but lately he has become more aware of the fact that I am […]

Bear with me, it is going to take me longer to get to the funny story this time.   First, I just discovered that at this moment if you google “punching Jesus,” the top hit is a link to one of my posts.  Since on an average day this blog gets about 7 hits, I […]

Probably my favorite poem is part 6 of Song of Myself by Walt Whitman.   You could read it here.  It is about death, but it is really beautiful rather than sad.  It ends like this: What do you think has become of the young and old men? And what do you think has become […]

This story is from the hilarious mouth of my friend Rebecca’s daughter: Mom [to her toddler]:  Did you take the yogurt I put on the table for your sister? Toddler:  Shakes head no.  (He is holding the yogurt). Sister [to her toddler brother]:  Don’t lie.  Jesus will come down from Heaven and punch you in […]

Almost verbatim car conversation, from yesterday: Son:  “Mom, did you know that before people were invented, robots lived all over the earth.” Me:  (Pause)  “Really?” Son:  “Yeah, robots.” Me:  (Pause)  “Well, who invented people, anyway?” Son:  (Pause)  “Oh, the robots invented them.” Me:  “What about the robots, who invented them?” Son:  “God.  Actually God and […]