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Older son:  Once upon a time, in a world of butts, there was a boy who was made out of butts.  And everything in that world was made out of butts.  The houses were made out of butts.  The sun was made out of butts.  The snow was made out of butts.  (pause here for […]

Son:  Mom, right now I am a roadrunner crocodile. Mom:  Oh, a bottlenose roadrunner crocodile? Son:  Yes.  (Opens mouth, makes strange huffing noise while scrunching nose.)  Let me tell you something. Mom:  Okay? Son:  Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles have poison? Mom:  No, I did not. Son:  Yes, they are venomous. Mom:  Oh.  Is […]

(Said while standing on the couch, perched at the edge, pajamas unzipped and covering only the arms, so that the body and legs flap behind like a cape.) Mom:  Yes, you told me that.  (Mom pauses, decides she can’t resist encouraging this.) And you are part roadrunner crocodile, aren’t you? Son:  Yes! (leaps the foot […]

Mom:  Tell me again about how the bottlenose roadrunner crocodile does sleepflying. Older son:  Oh.  Let me tell you something. Did you know how you can tell the roadrunner croc is sleeping? Mom:  No, I didn’t.  Is that when it does the sleepflying, when it’s asleep? Older son:  Well, how you can tell it is […]

During cuddle time this morning, we were playing Eskimos-in-the-arctic.  This means tunneling under the blankets and pretending it’s an igloo.  Older son hunts our food–polar bears, caribou, the occasional seal.  The toddler is the baby.  I am the mommy.   Today when older son was hunting caribou, he brought back to the “igloo” one dead […]

That is why I am nocturnal. Roadrunner crocodiles’ name means they are king of reptiles and amphibians.  They are on top of the food chain. They eat komodo dragons with yellow tongues and also blue tongue skinks.  But they do not eat human beings.  They are not on top of the human food chain, but […]

They look like cows, but they are not.  They are night deer.  They come out in the night and in the day.  They can swim too.           Their habitat is the forests.  Around this table is all water.  There is a crocodile that lives in the water.  But sometimes it comes […]