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Mom, lets play a hundred. Hmm.  I don’t know how to play that. Oh, it’s eeeea-sy!  First I say a number and then you say a number, and then the one who says the biggest is the winner. Okay. Now, the youngest goes first, so I go first. Okay. Okay.  Thirty-nine hundred jillion google thousand […]

Something funny has happened.  The toddler is enaging in the Shriek more than ever.  But he’s realized that people hate it, that it is not nice for others’ ears.  So he says “sah-wee” (sorry) afterwards, sometimes. Well, until the last few days.  Now he is saying sorry a LOT.  And sometimes he seems to shriek […]



If you have a baby these days and you’re at all hip you probably know a little bit about baby signs.  My baby, like other babies I’ve known (including older son), mostly uses the “more” sign, which is made by putting the tips of your hands together, as this cutie demonstrates on youtube.  Actually, that’s […]

Son:  Come here! Mom:  Just a sec, I’m trying on these shirts I got at the reduce-reuse-recycle store. Son:  Okay.   Mom:  What do you think? (sporting long-sleeved black shirt with some sparkles) Son:  (groan) I hate it. Mom:  Well it would be good for going out dancing or something, don’t you think? Son:  Oh, […]

A story from my friend Alison about her adorable daughter. Daughter:    Hey younger brother… wait, mom, what day is it today? Alison:        Martin Luther King, Jr., day. Daughter:    Oh yeah.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day!  The leprechaun didn’t come. Alison:        Sweetie, that’s St. Patrick’s Day. Daughter:    Oh.  When is that? Alison:        […]

Actually, more like the shrieking, it’s a phenomenon and never just a single shriek. It is really, really loud and almost unbearable.  Your ears hurt.  Morning car rides are a common venue for the shrieking, I think because the toddler hates to be trapped in his car seat.  Older son and I try to explain […]



The toddler loves music and dancing, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Today I was holding him in my arms and we were dancing to a little hip-hop (Tribe Called Quest, Stir It Up), and he caught his own image in the mirror. He smiled really big, and continued his snaps and waving his arms, […]