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First, peeing in the car happened again today.  I won’t go into details. On to the Supreme Being.  That is what older son and I have taken to calling the toddler.  He is so cute and hilarious and sweet…and demanding and unreasonable and tyrannical.  Reasons he has had tantrums: 1.  Because his brother got to […]

Something funny has happened.  The toddler is enaging in the Shriek more than ever.  But he’s realized that people hate it, that it is not nice for others’ ears.  So he says “sah-wee” (sorry) afterwards, sometimes. Well, until the last few days.  Now he is saying sorry a LOT.  And sometimes he seems to shriek […]

Actually, more like the shrieking, it’s a phenomenon and never just a single shriek. It is really, really loud and almost unbearable.  Your ears hurt.  Morning car rides are a common venue for the shrieking, I think because the toddler hates to be trapped in his car seat.  Older son and I try to explain […]

The Shriek


As mentioned this summer, the toddler has a heckuva shriek. The newest development is that he is very aware of how his high-pitched shriek gets everyone’s attention and, in fact, is impossible to ignore, since it makes you cower, cover your ears, and look around nervously at glass to see if it is breaking.  And, […]

  So.  Younger brother.  He is starting to express himself.  Mostly in babble, though one can detect a pattern that sounds roughly like “dog” when the dog appears, and like his older brother’s name when older brother appears.  And sometimes “mama.”  Also “nonono” when he’s doing something and I’m saying no.  Not that he stops […]