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Mom, lets play a hundred. Hmm.  I don’t know how to play that. Oh, it’s eeeea-sy!  First I say a number and then you say a number, and then the one who says the biggest is the winner. Okay. Now, the youngest goes first, so I go first. Okay. Okay.  Thirty-nine hundred jillion google thousand […]

One of the truly charming things that the toddler does is to shout out when he is really enthusiastic about something.  Like, “I heard it!  Bird, mommy, I heard it bird!” Or, “ant! I see it ant, mommy!”  (He is fascinated by ants.  Maybe because they’re down at his level, easy to see by just […]

To my dismay, the toddler does not like Stevie Wonder.  I have tried a few times.  I’m going to keep trying.   But he really grooves on A Tribe Called Quest.  Today he really liked Lyrics to Go.  Which is a nice song.  And while listening to it quietly, I discovered that in addition to […]



If you have a baby these days and you’re at all hip you probably know a little bit about baby signs.  My baby, like other babies I’ve known (including older son), mostly uses the “more” sign, which is made by putting the tips of your hands together, as this cutie demonstrates on youtube.  Actually, that’s […]

Mom:  You need to take a bath. Son:  Oh, mom! Mom:  Really.  It’s been three days.  And we’re getting you a haircut today. Son:  But mom!  Let me tell you something. Mom:  Hmm. Son:  Did you know that roadrunner crocodiles can go without water for ten days? Mom:  Hmm. Son:  Yeah.  Did you know that […]

So, it turns out that at least some kai animals (for instance, kai wildebeest) did not live at the time of the dinos.  I am no longer sure what “kai” means.  Something like “cool,” probably. Speaking of “cool,” older son has announced that he never wants to hear the word “pretty” again.  “If you want to say […]

And yes, of course, those are kai vultures.