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At the zoo today.  It is true that the baby really likes grapes.  I wasn’t sure where to start in explaining to the older son why grapes aren’t animals, so I just took this one as a joke.  Older son’s favorite animal is in transition.  Since he first became aware of animals at the zoo, […]

An observation by older son about younger son, at the zoo this morning.  I wish my camera were working, because this post would be much funnier with the accompanying illustration.  Slobbery half-chewed Cheez-its are really gross, even on a cute smiling baby face.

                One is named Massage.  She is the girl.  This one is named Urdy.  And this one is Black Eye. Why Black Eye? Because he has a black back. Oh, well then maybe you should call him Black Back? Oh no, no, I couldn’t change his name. Oh.  […]